Monday, December 23, 2013


Maybe you're not reading blogs right now, and snuggling in with your family.  Or maybe you're dashing out for those last minute gifts, grocery trips, visitor-prep.  But maybe you are just taking a moment.  Maybe you think you don't deserve any of this, not really.  Not you.

Maybe that's just the one last thing that is too hard to believe?

Or maybe, just maybe...this:

"Christmas comes to the coal-hearted, an undeserved gift from an all seeing God.  The Hound of Heaven pursues the hearts of all. The marginalized and  the abandoned.  The outcasts and the ashamed.  Those who are abused by others and those who abuse themselves. The unloved.  The self-loathed. If He had waited for a perfectly good person to come along, why, Christmas would never have happened at all.  But He takes it one step farther and shows the extent of His mercy.  He comes to shepherds first, and shines the spotlight on a forgotten people."

Join me, sharing over at St. Luke's blog today?

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