Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby {Not} Mine {Yarn Along}

I'm still working on Rosie's cardigan but I've not really done much on it in a week.  Sometimes you get a little...bored.  And despite the cables and the lovely colorway, I was feeling a little bored.

Just as well, because there's a baby on the way.  Any day now.  And no, I haven't become adept at keeping secrets for long periods of time.  He's not mine.  At least, not my son. He is my nephew - the third nephew I've been blessed with and just as loved and anticipated as the first.

So I picked up a skein of this lovely boyish yarn that a blog reader sent to me (thank you!) and figured I'd work out a pair of booties and a hat for my nephew.  He'll be making his arrival any day, and it's going to be cold here in Michigan for months yet.  I'm using my go-to booties pattern, available free here.  Quick and easy and perfect for knitting while catching up on Sherlock (my new addiction).  As you can see from the pictures, we've entered that time of year when light - any light, much less good light - is at a premium.  I'm ready for Spring!

As a little side note, say a prayer for my sister in law?  She's not feeling so hot and taking care of a sick toddler besides.  I know she'd appreciate you covering her with prayer during these last few tough days!

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  1. I just love the colors :) I have a couple of projects that got dull after a little while so I put them in a "project basket" they have been there for 2 years.

  2. Yeah my project basket is way bigger than a basket. Probably because I suffer from a chronic case of startitis! Hang in there, I think you're doing great Lydia!

  3. Those are adorable!! I haven't watched anyvof the lost recent Sherlock episodes but was all caught up until they jist released more and am kind of putting it off until I am desperate for a little pick me up! Have fun!


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