Friday, January 31, 2014

Into the Weekend {With a Few Links for You}

Today, I'm bundling up my crew and walking the block and a half to the library. I've been meaning to institute a Library day and Fridays seem to make the most sense - just an easing into the weekend and a gentle wrap up to our school week. This weekend is Ben's first basketball game of the season, so our weekend rhythm is changing a bit, too.

This weekend we have basketball, a funeral, our normal Sunday church and family dinner times and supposedly, as my husband just told me, another 6-10 inches of snow dumped on us for good measure.  Oy.  A big stack of library books sound like just the thing to ease into that. I'm also hoping to beat the snow in a quick run to the fabric store and have something to show you next week!

How about starting your weekend with a few links? These are some things I've been enjoying this past week.

~In the "middle of the muddle" is certainly how it feels around here.  These words about how quickly it all goes really spoke to my heart.

~My Mom showed me this article from the Wall Street Journal last weekend and I found it quite interesting - the difference between Mom's time and Dad's time.  I'm not sure what it all means, but it really gave me insight into why we do what we do.

~I've mentioned that the show Sherlock is a new favorite of mine. I don't watch much television so when something sparks my imagination, it's quite exciting.  This post from Christianity Today about why, exactly, so many women are falling for the newest incarnation of the world's most favorite detective was quite well done.

~This article from the Huffington Post entitled "On a Half lifetime Without My Mother" was just so beautiful.  Mamas, they leave marks on the souls of their children.  A good thing to remember in my own relationships with my children.

~I'm not sure how I missed Homeschool Ryan Gosling as long as I did, but I spent a few moments cracking up at these.  So. Funny.

~Jen over at Conversion Diary hit the nail on the head with this post on 22 Things I Learned the First Ten Years of Parenthood. It's like she's been looking in my windows.

~Lastly, my church blog reposted this piece I wrote a while back about Throwing Our Lives Away.  Valentines is coming up and it's always a good time to take a long, hard look at our marriages, our expectations and our beliefs.  And eat a lot of chocolate, too, of course.

Happy Weekending!

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