Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Excuses, Excuses

Rosie's sweater should have been done by this week, but I have an excuse!  A good one, too.  My friend Sara offered to send me some lovely vintage buttons to put on it - and then realized she also had an extra skein of the same yarn in the same colorway to send along as I can make the sleeves full length!  I'm so excited and really blessed to have sweet friends like her.

I sewed up a little dress for Rosemary last week using a pattern my friend Erin sent me.  Seriously - my friends are the very best and completely "get" me.  My husband, God bless him, does not "get" how I could want more yarn.  It's not's different, right?  And pay no mind to those boxes taking over the closet.  I borrowed my Mom's sewing machine for the afternoon to whip it up, and found out halfway through that the zigzag stitch wasn't working.  What is it with me and non-working sewing machines?  I ended up doing french seams on the inside which should keep things nice and neat.  Kind of involved for a quick little peasant dress, but hopefully she'll get a lot of wear out of it.  The fabric was 40% off and I still have some left over.  Not bad for under $5.

In keeping with my theme of "I have the very best friends who give me wonderful gifts," we're reading Miracles on Maple Hill, a book I've never heard of that my friend Jayin gave me at co op last week.  I can just tell we're all going to love it.

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  1. You have incredible friends!! I can't believe how big your Rosie is getting... guess that means mine is too!
    That dress is so darn sweet. I wish I had the sewing skills to just pop something like that out! It would have taken me hours...

  2. I love friends that 'get' me! I don't think our husbands are supposed to 'get' us in every way. Cute dress! Every time I really need to whip something out on the machine, it breaks.

  3. Adorable dress! I totally get needing "different" yarn! ;-) (And it sounds like you have some awesome friends!)


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