Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Knitting, Reading and Writing

This week has been busy.  We had a few sick kids, I had a few deadlines, and wouldn't you know the sleeves on that shrug didn't get touched. Not once. I did knit a quick hat for a friend's birthday, but only took this horrible cell phone photo of it half completed.  So different week, same knit-in progress. I'm failing this yarn along thing!

Writing has become a bit more than just this blog in the past few weeks and that is something that, while I am  excited about and enjoying immensely, is challenging how I spend my time. I'm needing to define some parameters for myself of how and when I work, which is tricky for me. I'm the girl who gets an idea in the shower, or while making dinner, and has to get it down as immediately as possible before it disappears into the recesses of my baby-addled mind. In the past, when I've carved out time to write, I sit and blankly stare at the screen, completely uninspired. I'm trying to find some sort of happy medium that doesn't see me shirking my other responsibilities or dying an artistic death with ultra-strict scheduling. While I'm working on figuring this out, I hope you bear with me - however it plays out here.

In book - news, I just ordered "Divergent" and hope to read it quickly before the movie comes out. I know, I know, shudder at my teeny-bopper choice! I really enjoyed the Hunger Games and sometimes that mindless type of brain-candy book is just so fun. I'm taking suggestions for something a bit meatier for Lent though...any ideas?

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  1. read Kathleen Norris's The Quotidian Mysteries. It's short and so, so good. Not a mystery story at all. Just musings on laundry and liturgy.

  2. I enjoyed Divergent! I'm a sucker for dystopian lit. :)

  3. My word, you and I are so similar. I used to dislike the prayers that are versed, and now I have at least two that I meditate on daily. My children's fault? Not a bad fault. :)
    Also, the serenity prayer. It is simple and short and it gives me so much peace.

    Have a great day!

  4. I love the BCP - we use the daily devotions with the lectionary, ideally four times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime) but usually more like three. It's such a beautiful framework to hang the day on, and the rhythm of returning to it several times a day keeps me on sort of a short tether mentally, so to speak - I can only stray so far if I'm touching home every few hours. It brings such peace and beauty to our days. - Karis

  5. We use the BCP at home and have been observing the various seasons of the church year for a few years now. I love how the children are already asking if we can step up our observance somewhat by changing the colors of the table linens to reflect the church year among other things.I love too the way the older ones instruct the littler ones in what the different seasons are about, the tangible symbology of color and burying the Alleluia (for Lent) really help them remember....K


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