Thursday, February 27, 2014


Lent has been on my mind this week. It's late this year, and with the winter we've been having it seems an extra burden that we're still not there yet. Still, here we are, with Ash Wednesday less than a week away. I'll be singing at our church service that evening, so I've been listening to some of the music we'll be doing. A friend loaned me her copy the the Book of Common Prayer - something I've been wanting to look through for a while now. I'm leafing through it and coming up with ideas for how we'll observe this year. Likely with some added memorization and meditation in addition to a little bit of fasting. I really really love memorized prayers - something I had little use for when I was younger, but something that means so much more to me now. Maybe it's the press of adult life that makes the gentle brain-branding of memorization so much more appreciated. I'm not sure. But when I don't have the luxury of quiet time on my own, or a moment to myself to stitch my thoughts into something comprehensible, it's lovely to have those memorized words come bubbling to the top.

For the week leading up to Lent, just doing a little preparing today. Heart, home, mind.

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