Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy, Holy, Holy

The snow that fell on Monday night is nearly gone and the sun is shining. I've got the dough for hot cross buns rising on the stove top and the kids actually turned their palms into little crosses this year. The forecast for Easter morning is a blessed 70 degrees. Despite a little fever from teething for Rosemary, all of my kids are healthy. I'm exercising amazing restraint from the pre-purchased easter candy and I already know what everyone is wearing to church on Sunday. It might be the smoothest Holy Week ever. On paper, anyway.

This Lent kind of happened to me without me planning on it. Isn't that always the way? You carefully choose something that's not too hard but not too easy and yet still seem to be startled each day when you come face to face with how desperately you need Jesus. Every moment. 

On this sunny morning in April, right before we tip into the swirl of this intense weekend, I'm looking at these kids. I'm thinking on the frustrations and imperfections of our family life every day. I'm seeing the need and ache of humanity in our little band of believers. We never stop needing Good Friday. Not ever. 

It might be the most perfect Holy Week ever, but we're still a human family. The perfection of Holy Week doesn't come down to the jelly beans I didn't eat or the new tights I bought for my girls. It's not dependent on us getting to church on time or whether or not I remember to fast on Friday. It's never something we could deserve or earn, either by executing the perfectly pius Lent or actually getting through 40 days of devotionals with our squirmy kids (and managing not to lose our temper).

It's the perfect gift. Wholly unearned. Desperately needed.

With it, we can enter into the holiness of Holy Week ourselves...because in Him? We are.

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  1. Lydia, what recipe do you use? I'm going to try my hand at the hot cross buns tonight for tomorrow morning breakfast. Wish me luck! Karis

  2. Oh that Rosemary! She's just the sweetest! Those little curls remind me of my little red haired boys! I have the opposite Holy week agenda. I have only 1 outfit known for sure, and too many eggs to stuff and things to bake to worry about it! As long as we are focused on what this day brings and means... everything else seems unimportant. Happy Maundy Thursday sweet Lydia!

  3. Your buns look so yummy!!!
    (and I apologize that that sounded so wildly inappropriate. yikes.)

    The kids are doing a cross craft with rainbow looms, while their dad is whipping up pancakes for brunch.
    The snow has also melted here, and through the big kitchen window, I can see a robin building a nest in our front yard tree.
    It strikes me as so perfect for this time of year, this holiday: Hope Springing anew. Life renewed. Simple blessings like pancakes with fresh
    maple syrup. And kids bickering over the whirl of the mixer.
    Imperfect - yet full of promise.
    Have A Blessed Easter!

  4. That sounds perfect! Happy Easter!


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