Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Honey, Honey

I've had a thing about finishing knits lately.

That is, I haven't been. Rosie's cardi will never fit her, one sleeve done and the other hibernating. My Shalom, too, is sitting in the knitting basket, untouched. Dinah's shrug just needs a button.

I'm not sure what that's about. I'm usually so good at finishing one thing before beginning another but the past few months I've been...distracted.

I broke my unfinishing streak this weekend, casting off my honey cowl on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, because it's gorgeous and I'm in love. It may seem ridiculous to knit a wool cowl in April, but with the temperatures dipping below freezing yet again, not to mention waking up to snow this morning, I know I'll get some use out of it. You can find my ravelry notes here.

I cast on 280 stitches on size 6 needles since I used fingering weight yarn. The fabric ended up being lightweight yet warm with a lovely drape. Perfect for Spring in daffodil yellow.

I'll definitely be knitting this again. I kind of want one in every color.

(I apologize for the cheesy photos. I'm a horrible model and my hair is doing something dumb!)

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  1. It's really lovely! It inspired me to cast on a 3rd Honey in Noro Taiyo :) And you are lovely as well :)

  2. Don't apologize, Lydia. It's a lovely picture.

  3. Are you kidding? The first thing I noticed was how cute your hair looked. Then the cowl ;)

  4. I think you are lovely! This is so pretty - love the colors.

  5. It's just beautiful!
    and so are you

  6. your cowl is beautiful!...and it looks soooooooo beautiful on you!!!
    I wish I could knit better...am a self taught knitter and still learning!

  7. You should make one in every colour - you should sell them!


  8. That is such a pretty cowl! I have no knitting skill whatsoever so I always admire those who do. Also, you look lovely. You remind me of a young Ashley Judd (whom I happen to think is one of the most beautiful women). I lurk at your blog a lot, admiring your adorable family and your simple ways but this is the first comment I've made. I found you through Anna Rice. She and I have been online friends since Xanga, a long time ago.


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