Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cables and Air Raids {Yarn Along}

I haven't done yarn along in a while. I've been kind of slogging through a few different projects, nothing very exciting or new. Summertime just doesn't really translate to a lot of knitting to me, although a few cool, autumn-ish nights recently saw me making some plans for winter wool.

The thing about knitting for me is when the mood strikes? I have to go for it. Thankfully I have a few "in progress" projects to choose from. I have been working on a Neverland hoodie for a friend, but took a brief break when I remembered I have a baby shower to attend next week.

I pulled out this sweater I had started for Rosie and never finished. Fingering weight super soft stroll tonal in the sunnyside baby pattern with cables. All it needed is a finished sleeve and some buttons. That I can do. Of course I was nearly done when I left it unattended for a bit, and wouldn't you know the toddler got into it and ripped that sleeve clean out. Toddlers are something of an occupational hazard around here, but thankfully I have plenty of time for a do-over.

My sister in law loaned me her copy of Unbroken and I'm about halfway through. I tried to read it to unwind after a late night work out and ended up dreaming adrenaline-fueled dreams of WWII battles. Not exactly a relaxing read but still an amazing book. I'll just remember in the future to put this one down a good hour or so before bed.

Linking up with Ginny today! What are you working on/reading this summer?

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  1. What pretty yarn! I love the cables. So pretty.

  2. What a gorgeous cardi- love the pattern and the color way!

  3. That cardigan is adorable! Love the color and the cables are so sweet! I keep feeling pulled between my major love -knitting - and my first love - cross-stitch. Embroidery calls my name in the summer, so airy and light compared to woolen projects. But I have continued to split a tiny time between both (and the garden) with no regret.

    I talked with my mom last night about my younger brother's senior saxophone recital and had dreams all night that I was supposed to play the saxophone in the Olympics (apparently music is a sport in dreamland) but didn't even know the piece and in real life have never even put a saxophone or other wind/bass instrument to my lips! Ha! I was so relieved when I woke up right when it was time for me to go on stage... so funny how things we experience just before bed affect our dreams.

  4. That cardigan is lovely! And all that I like: Grey, cabled, fine gauged. Is it your design? Or can you share the pattern?


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