Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Year of Gifts

Its almost time, Christmas day when my family will tear paper off gifts and squeal with delight. I'm leaning toward that with anticipation, especially to the moments when they see what I have been working on - the labor of my hands, love woven into every fiber. I hope they see it for what it is: a bumbling attempt at showing them that each moment with them is a treasure and a privilege.

This blog is almost a year old, and in that time some may have noticed the tone change a tad here and there.  I don't write perfection just as I don't live it, and you may notice a stray thread here or there, a mistake, a blunder.  The truth is, each and every word written in this space has been a love labor of sorts - pieces of me laid out in the open, bare and simple but there for you to come and take along if you like.

And for me, the best gift is that you have.  My inbox bulges with your sweet words and my heart overflows when I read your stories, your hearts.  The privilege of one year of words tapped out in the hush of night, sent out into the world and touched by others - it is my humble delight.

You have been the greatest gift of this year, for me.  The words of encouragement you have blessed me with have touched me deep down.

This Christmas, so thankful for the gift of you.

To you and yours, have a Blessed Christmas!

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  1. I have so enjoyed reading through your blog! Congrats on one year old blog :) I hope your family has a wonderful holiday season!

    New follower from (in)courage! Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

    Merry Christmas ♥ Mel

  2. Do you have a Twitter button? I can't find it :)

  3. You are such a delight to hear through your words and see through photos. I pray this year is a real blessing to you and your whole family!

  4. Mel - no twitter button, but you can find me @lydiajwill


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