Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sometimes it escapes me for a while, this practice of seeing the miraculous in the mundane, the chasing down of bountiful blessings...

And then, suddenly, I catch a glimpse - the glint of sunshine in the sheen of little girl hair, delicate raindrops on rose leaves, chubby toddler paw clasped in older brother's strong hand.

Once I see, I can't stop noticing...and writing them down.  Somehow, in recording it all, I can see it more clearly - in ink there on the page, proof of the millions of blessings that just keep flowing into my life.

1) The remnants of a thousand smiles that line his face and deepen when his grandchildren clamber near

2) The gentle hiccups of the baby within reminding me - soon, soon!

3) Tucking little ones into the same beds my siblings and I slept in...designed and built by my Dad and Grandfather.

4) Early summer dinners with family in the warm glow of Mom's kitchen.

5) Tub sparkling clean, scrubbed by a certain sister

6) Dirt under my fingernails, vegetable garden in.

7) The earthy smell of bunches of lavender, drying in my kitchen

8) Tiny pairs of knitted booties lining my shelves, waiting for tiny feet to occupy them

9) Dark curls soft on his forehead as he leans forward, finger tracing even as he reads his Bible during church

10) Summer kids, in wet bathing suits with muddy feet, popsicles dripping off chins and dribbling into belly buttons.

11) Cool shower at the end of a hot day - refreshed.

12) All of it held, irrevocably, in His great and able hands - and the peace that fills me at the thought.

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  1. I started doing this too....writing down those little things that escape us when we move too fast through our day. I haven't blogged it yet...I just read them before I go to bed. Sometimes as mothers we fall exhausted into bed, almost dreading the start of the new day - often only hours away. This helps me settle my mind, prepare for that peace and rest that ought to be found while I lay my head down. Reminds me that God truly does give good gifts to His children.

  2. Lovely! I've been noticing these little things more and more lately and it's been making every day a little more special. (did it work?)

  3. I just found your blog and have spent about an hour here reading. I love it! You are living life to it's fullest and sharing with your children what is important in life. I must share this little bit about my life. I have 3 children. Ages 20, 19 and 17. Not babies anymore, but still my babies! My oldest 2 have already married which was and is scary for me. My youngest is a junior this year and tonight we played beach ball volleyball in the living room and somehow that spiraled into a game of beach ball tag, and then onto hide and go seek in the dark lol. We finally settled down and watched a movie together before she fell asleep in the recliner. The laundry isn't done and the supper are still in the sink, but that's ok, they will be there in the morning. My little needed some mommy/daughter time tonight and so did I. Continue to cherish these moments with your little ones. You are creating memories for them that they will never forget. And neither will you! God Bless you and your family!


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