Saturday, July 16, 2011

In The Garden...

My garden was sorely neglected during the end of my pregnancy.  Mass regiments of weeds sprung up, I never watered, and it would have made a lot of sense to just throw in the towel for the summer.  Last week, however, I decided to clear away some of the weeds to see what, if anything, had survived the assault and subsequent neglect.  It turns out, quite a bit. 

The peppers are all doing just fine and dandy.  A good daily watering has done wonders and we are actually seeing quite a few flowers and tiny baby peppers making their appearance.  Tomatoes, too, seem to be doing ok.  The herbs are all fine, although the basil looks a bit wilted.  All in all, it appears that the most damage was done by our friendly neighborhood ground hog, who thinks I planted this garden as a personal buffet for him.  He made off with the kale, leaving sad little nubs behind, as well as the cabbages.

Still, not too bad.  Today the kids helped me clear out another garden box and tomorrow I'll plant some green beans and hopefully clear out what was my kale and lettuce box.  I'll put some squash in there and see what happens.

This has been my first year doing really anything in the garden, and I'm already thinking of what I will do differently next year.  I have to say, my favorite part of playing around with the vegetable garden is working alongside my children.  When Mama is outside working, the kids tend to tag along.  They always want to help - pulling weeds, watering, digging in the dirt, or holding the baby so Mama can do all of those things.  Even if we don't get anything out of this truly pathetic little bit of a garden (which, if I am being honest, is exactly what it is), we have had a marvelous time playing around and learning so much.

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