Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Good Life

I call her up in the morning, tell her I've been going through the closets and found a coat that may fit her baby.  She stops by to pick it up, slides open the van door and her little guys hop out.  Impromptu playtime on this beautiful fall day.

My kids are running through the backyard, shrieking and chasing.  We stand beneath golden leaves and watch them play.

"Ugh, my yard is such a mess."  I complain.  She shakes her head and smiles.  "Its a kid yard.  Its fine."  She always knows just what to say to encourage me.

Our boys, the oldest ones, roll over and over again, crunching over fallen leaves.  Wrestling.

"They are starting to really play together.  Only 3 years between them, soon they won't even notice."

3 years between us, too.  I remember the day she moved in to a house across the street, down the block a ways in this same neighborhood.  17 years ago now.

God has been so good to us.  Through those teen years dreaming about Prince Charming.  Meeting and marrying those husbands of ours.  And then the babies - a combined 8 in as many years.  Through it all, we stay friends, marking years passing by with weekly phone calls and birthday celebrations.

She just bought her very first home.  Its beautiful.  We're both homeschooling this year.  Our children are healthy, happy, thriving.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the blessings of life in the midst of trials.  Other times, I wonder how I can ever fail to see.

Its Him.  His faithfulness.  How could I forget?

The sun shines down brightly.  Their laughter bounces off the barn and echoes back to us.

Its a good life.

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  1. sweet picture...sweet post...friendship is a true gift...
    blessings to your day...

  2. to have friends like that...and to recognize the small blessings....lovely pic of the kids...

  3. Love the reminder, "It's a kid yard." Makes me feel better about mine! :)

    Your friendship and proximity are precious. This post shows that you know.

  4. I love that you take the time to acknowledge what IS in your life ... therein lies the joy and the deep appreciation. Blessings, Janae

  5. i love this. i love the reminder that it's in these moments, he is. so glad you linked up, new friend...


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