Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eyes Forward

Well, this last bit of summer has been a whirlwind - and not just the vacations. Unexpected news changing our forecast and giving me quite a bit to chew over inside, leaving little left over to share in this space.  I've missed it, but I've not know just quite what to say.

Fall is on it's way and, in many ways, I can't wait. I can't wait to bake bread again, pies, soups for dinner. I can't wait for cool weather bonfires and bedtime coming a bit earlier.We are trying something new this year, after much prayer and debate and second guessing - enrolling our children in a home based charter school.  I've struggled with this, knowing in some ways it spells less freedom for me - freedom to pick and choose curriculum, freedom to skip around the way I like to.  I am now quickly seeing how I would be trading one freedom for another - not having to plan out 3 grades of curriculum during a fall when I really do need a break from that. So the forms were signed and sent off, all the while my husband standing by and assuring me that if we don't like it, we will just pull them out.

We are still participating in our homeschool co op, and, in many ways, the things I value the very most about homeschooling will still be present: bible time with my kids, having them home with me, time spent with the other homeschooling families we love.

It will be an adjustment for us, I am sure.  Sometimes stepping out in faith can be a scary thing, but I'm just keeping my eyes forward and trusting that all will be well.

What are some big changes going on in your family these days?



  1. That's great Lydia! I am interested in this home based charter. Can you explain it a little more? How does it work? What's it called? What are the hours, etc. I have been praying about our school options. We LOVE Huron Valley but since I lost my job our finances are super tight. Any info you could share would be great!!

    1. Sure thing, Jill! We are using this program:
      Because it uses Calvert curriculum, a highly rated program that many homeschoolers use. Basically you teach the kids the material and they take tests and check in with their distance learning teacher periodically. All of the materials are free, and they even send you a computer for each child to use. Obviously we haven't begun yet, but I think it will serve us well during this period of life!

  2. Thinking of you...change can be so unsettling. I hope peace will be on the horizon soon.


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