Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This Week, Crafting

{Yarn along today with Ginny and crafting along with Frontier Dreams}

I finished Fiona's "birthday" sweater - birthday appearing in quotes because I decided to give it to her early.  Primarily because she after trying it on, but also because I quickly realized that it may not fit in the fall - and it seems silly to wait to give it to her instead of letting her get the most wear possible out of it.  She has received so many compliments on it and we both love how it turned out.  The Bulle pattern is deceptively simple and I just love how modern and functional it is.  Dinah has requested the same for her own birthday sweater - same colors and all.  I'll be casting on tonight for the next size up and hopefully it will knit up just as speedily as the first.

In sewing news, I swung by the fabric store after my early Saturday morning grocery trip.  By Saturday evening, I had 2 sweet little dresses and a pair of coordinating quick change pants.  These dresses are so sweet and a snap to sew up - I may have to purchase the larger sized pattern to make a few of these for my big girls.

There has been a bit of drama in our house the last few days.  On Monday morning, Peter went flying by the dining room table on his little sit and scoot, caught the laptop charger cable in one of the wheels and tugged my laptop (our only home computer) onto the floor.  The computer technically still works - but the screen is officially kaput, which has put a damper on my normal online activities.  The husband and I are trying to figure out an inexpensive solution, but it may take a few days.  In other news, we have a few little ones not feeling so hot - fevers and headaches.  Springtime just can't come soon enough.

What are you working on these days?

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  1. Oh I love Fiona's sweater, gorgeous. And the little dresses and quick change pants are adorable.

    Sorry about the computer and the sick kids, hugs.

  2. Do you have a link to that sweater pattern? I love it!

    Another blogger I follow had something similar happen to her computer recently and her husband was able to replace the screen. Apparently that's fairly inexpensive and not too hard, he found a tutorial on youtube...K

  3. Love her bulle! I really want to do one too! I must get on that! I have lots of birthday knitting to do :)(3 birthday girls starting the end of march)Love all the sewing too! Great job! We've also had little ones with fevers here. I want spring now :)

  4. What a lovely sweater. I really like the yoke neckline, and the button fastening at the bottom is really good. The flash of yellow in the pockets is great too.

  5. I loooove the sleeve length and neckline! Your children are so blessed to have such a talented Mama!!

  6. The sweater turned out just beautifully! I always give my girls their knits as soon as I am done, too. Since they see me knitting it, there has never been able to be a surprise.


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